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    2024 Norfolk Person of the Year

    We are proud to announce the NCL 2024 person of the year is Maureen Rose Kirby-Cappuccino!


    We can't wait to celebrate Maureen at the Bling & Bowties Gala on March 9th! Thank you for all you do for our community.


    Thank you to everyone who helped contribute and shared stories of community members that make a difference. We received a record breaking number of votes! We'd like to recognize the nominees, Maureen Rose Kirby-Cappuccino, Karen Reilly and Kendra Bixby. Their efforts do not go unnoticed and we are blessed to have them be a part of our community.


    Learn more about Maureen and her contributions to our community by reading further.

  • 2024 Person of the year nominations:

    Nomination #1:  

    If there ever was a person who deservessuch an award it would be Maureen.

    I've known her for over 40 years. She has always been a loving and giving person.

    In the last many years she has given to the many communities as feeding the homeless,

    fighting to beat the opioid crisis, looking out for those that are in need, stopping to speak
    to a homeless person and giving them God's Word, love. A person looking for
    food - she stops to give gift cards, hats, gloves and a bottle of water. She is
    always thinking of how to help others. Her work at Gilly's House helps her
    reach go further and touch many more people. Bethany House Ministries, St.
    Basil's and St. Jude's all feel her love constantly too. Added to those many
    things, she and "The God Squad" receive food deliveries several times
    a week and distribute to the many people, groups, and homes that can't feed
    their families or themselves. I consider myself so blessed to have Maureen in
    my life. I know those that have been touched by her feel the same way. There is
    no one more deserving of this award than Maureen.


    Maureen Kirby Cappuccino is a lifelongNorfolk resident. It is a rare Norfolkian who

    doesn’t know Maureen and who Maureen hasn’t helped in some way. Always ready to lead

    the way, Maureen has been intricately involved in Norfolk Baseball, Norfolk Soccer, King Phillip
    Music, Learn to Cope, Bethany Ministries, and a Eucharistic minister at St.
    Jude. Because of her work with Gilly’s Maureen has garnered a network of
    organizations who clothe and feed the homeless, work with local families who
    are fostering, and is familiar with lifelong seniors in town who are in need of
    services and consistently taps her connections, friends and the community for
    donations of food, clothing and personal care items to distribute to anyone in
    need. It’s become such common knowledge - dozens reach out to her when they are
    in need or know of someone in need. I honestly can’t think of a better
    Person of the Year for our town. Even battling cancer in 2022, Maureen
    continued to show up and work her unique magic.